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The Promise

Our Promise…

To honor and celebrate the life of every child with
compassion, love and dignity.

To support parents in their decision to carry their child
to term despite an adverse prenatal diagnosis.

To uphold biblical teachings on care of the seriously ill
as outlined by Pope John Paul II

The Promise – Pittsburgh’s Perinatal Palliative Care Initiative is a prolife program of Catholic Palliative Services committed to walking alongside families, who even with a poor prognosis for their unborn and newly born infants have embraced their journey with hope and optimism.

The Promise supports that all human life is a gift from God. No matter what the age of an individual, we as Christians, accept this gift with full responsibility. The Promise respects the dignity and sacredness of briefly lived lives while providing a safety net for families as they work through their sorrow.

Interventions and supportive care include…

Respecting the parents’ choice to continue the pregnancy

Creative specialized birth plans for various scenarios

Coordinating & providing one-on-one birth preparation & tours of the delivery area

Discussing ways to celebrate & welcome baby

Offering families an opportunity to see and hold their child, with supportive preparation and discussion

Hands on experience with baby (bathing, dressing, singing, reading)

Memory making activities (collecting photos, locks of hair, foot and handprints, ID bracelet, etc.)

Allowing the family to have as much time with baby as they wish

Discussing postpartum recovery, including milk supply

Acknowledgement and validation of the parents’ sorrow

Discussing decisions needed after the baby’s death (e.g., autopsy, disposition of the body,  funeral or memorial service)

13 month bereavement support following infant loss

Appropriate referrals to community bereavement sources if needed