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Medical Director, Dr. William Ferri, Oncology/Hematology who oversees patient care and presides over team meetings. When necessary, the Medical Director serves as the liaison with the patient’s referring physician with regard to terminal care.

Patient’s Referring Physician who continues to direct and approve medical care. The hospice team consults with and maintains a relationship with the patient’s personal physician.

Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses who educate the patient and family with regard to the disease and its progression. They comfort patients and provide professional care to manage symptoms and ease pain while helping the patient to maintain the ability of living life to its fullest.

Certified Home Health Aides who gently and lovingly offer personal care assistance while preserving each patient’s dignity.

Medical Social Workers who understand the special needs of patients and their caregivers facing a life-limiting illness. They assist in many ways including coordination of community resources.

A Chaplain who respects each patient’s spiritual preferences and honors all denominations. The chaplain listens with an open heart, helps the patient along their journey, and allows them to choose their own spiritual path.

Trained Volunteers who genuinely share their kindness, gifts, and talents by helping patients and their families with everyday routine tasks while offering their time for loved ones to take a break from their caregiver role.

Bereavement Counselors who support loved ones in the grief work and help them to find healthy ways of coping. Bereavement services continue for at least one year after the loss of a loved one.

The goal is to keep the patient comfortable while enhancing the daily quality of life.

In addition to the team, Medicare law requires the hospice to provide medications directly related to the patient’s admitting diagnosis as well as durable medical equipment and soft good supplies as necessary.

On-call nursing for emergencies and additional support is offered 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

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The information provided in the application process will assist us in determining appropriate volunteer assignments. The Catholic Hospice team is committed to making your experience rewarding and beneficial to the community which we serve. Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities with Catholic Hospice.