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It was amazing to watch the entire floor of the nursing home improve after Catholic Hospice was involved. Your people exuded compassion, caring, understanding and this reminded the nursing home staff why they became nurses and soon they were doing a noticeably better job.

I’ve tried to find words powerful enough to convey the services Catholic Hospice gave our family and what it meant to us. In short, all words are inadequate. I could tell you they were superb – they were, but they were so much more. I could tell you their care, compassion, kindness and gentle touch were excellent – they were, but they were so much more. I could tell how I’ve always believed that dying was something we all have to do alone. I was wrong and my prayer for you and your family is that Catholic Hospice is at your side as you or your loved ones prepare to meet our Lord.

I observed your caregivers treat another patient with such tenderness that I knew I could put my husband in their care.

The best way I can tell our story is by saying Catholic Hospice was like a slice of heaven. The entire staff we came in contact with were so caring and thoughtful to all of our family and friends. I have already become an advocate for your hospice with the many people I come in contact with.

Catholic Hospice helped my mom and I so much the last three weeks of her life. They were loving and caring and made her transition much easier for her and myself. The loss of my mom was so painful for me, but their compassion was so appreciated.

There are no words that can convey the magnitude of care, compassion, and support that Mom and our family received through Catholic Hospice. Moving Mom into our home and having her with hospice really gave me an eye opening to what a beautiful thing a hospice program is. It eased all of my preconceived ideas and exposed me to the fact that hospice is so much more than I had ever heard about. The care that Catholic Hospice provided was outstanding. The staff was gentle and caring to Mom and an indescribable support to me. The volunteers became Mom’s friends. What a blessing at such a challenging time in our lives.

Catholic Hospice was the best decision I could have made for my mom. The excellent care and kindness shown to her was beyond my expectations. My mother was my friend and it was hard on me also. But I knew Catholic Hospice was a phone call away when I had questions or concerns or just wanted an opinion on how she was doing.

I would highly recommend Catholic Hospice to everyone in need, especially for service my family and I received during our hour of need for my wife. The services were greatly appreciated and I thank Catholic Hospice so much.

Your staff provided exceptional and outstanding care during the final stages of our loved one’s life. Their kindness and compassion will always be remembered by our family.